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The Bridge 2017

“…a finely wrought piece… there is a fierce, burning intelligence and integrity at the core of this show…expressed through an expertly judged performance by George.”  ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

The Bridge is a “compelling and inspiring piece of visual theatre”, a solo play framed by award-winning, Edinburgh-based writer Annie George’s quest to uncover the remarkable story of the short life and lost work of her grandfather PM John, a poet and author from Kerala, in the years just before India’s Independence from British rule in 1947.  Constructed from family memories and through one surviving poem, John’s story comes to life, and is interwoven with the fortunes of his family, their struggle to survive after John’s death, the journeys they took, across continents, and to new lives and opportunities, through emigration to the UK in the late 1960s.

“…an excellent storyteller…a captivating piece…” TV BOMB

Evoking our fascination with hidden histories, The Bridge touches on how language and culture informs our identity and the importance of telling stories.  Connecting present day Scotland to pre- and post- colonial India, The Bridge is a poetic, poignant play about personal and political independence, which considers the experiences that shape us, what home means, and how we can live forever.

Written and performed by Annie George

“Pulsed along by an exquisite score…an elegiac multi-media tone-poem.” THE HERALD

Director Sarah MacDonald, Composer – Niroshini Thambar, Design – Alice Wilson

“…a rich and meditative piece of family history, full of insight into the complex relationship between Indian culture and the idea of modernity, as it played out in the 20th century….a powerful act of remembrance”  THE SCOTSMAN

Annie George performing


“Moving and compelling visual theatre.”

“Rich storytelling…gorgeous design and dreamy scents.”

“Gorgeous show. Go see…”

“Really beautiful… Highly recommend you go to see it…“

 “…a brave and beautiful piece of writing.”



“Definitely recommend…this is a beautiful show.”  VIRGINA RADCLIFFE, LICKETY SPIT


“Excellent show, well worth seeing.  Poignant and thought provoking….” 

“Beautifully executed play…” 

“A truly magical piece of storytelling!” 

“…it was so beautiful.  So spellbinding in its story and its acting, so tender and powerful…its images are still rippling through my mind!”


The 2015 production of The Bridge was the first tour by a South Asian theatre artist based in Scotland to be funded by Creative Scotland.

A 20 for 14 Commission


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