Annie George is an award-winning writer, theatremaker and occasional filmmaker, based in Edinburgh.

Recipient of the Scottish Book Trust’s Ignite Fellowship 2019.

‘Our stories are our immortality,
But if we don’t tell our own story
Someone else will tell it,
And it becomes their story,
And then we might just…disappear.
That is why I feel compelled to write’, says Annie.

If the words that I have written
Fall unfavoured in some other day and age,
They do exist, still.
To tell the tale of who we are,
What we are, what we believe.
We are history poured out on to fragile pages.
(from ‘Home is Not the Place’)

Find out more about Annie here, or explore her current collaboration with visual artist Flore Gardner in Twa, which forges theatrical storytelling with digital and live performance drawing. Twa premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. View the trailer here.

Next performances of Twa:

Fri 8 March 2019, 7.30pm
Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling

Fri 24 and Sat 25 May 2019, 8pm
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

What Press have said:

‘…excellently served by a storytelling skill and stagecraft that do not shy away from confronting difficult questions’.  ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

‘…an evocative journey…an engaging storyteller…a psychedelic landscape with a distinctive and dreamlike atmosphere’. THE SCOTSMAN

‘…a story that metamorphoses into a tale of strength and liberation performed by two true professionals’.  DEADLINE NEWS

What Audiences have said:

‘A beautiful, touching, inspiring and wry combination of ancient myth and personal story’.

‘Beautifully crafted, exquisite story-telling with drama, poignancy, humour and amazing drawings’.

‘…a masterpiece. @msanniegeorge‘s writings blends beautifully with Flore Gardner’s live animations & intertwined with compelling composition makes for truly breathtaking storytelling’.

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