home is not the place

“…a fascinating examination of the meaning and legacy of the British Empire.”  THE STAGE Fringe Highlights

Where do I belong?  What defines me?  Where is home? 

Poetic, poignant solo show by award-winning writer Annie George, which tells the remarkable story of the short life and lost work of her grandfather Kerala poet PM John PM, shortly before India’s independence; and contrasts his struggles with her own, as an immigrant in the UK. 

Drawn from family memories, with music, projections, and testimonies of both Annie and John, Home is Not the Place considers how experiences shape us, what home means and how we can live forever.  An intimate story of personal and political independence, painted on an epic canvas. 

 Home is Not the Place premiered at the Storytelling Centre at Edinburgh Fringe 2017.  It is a re-working of Annie’s previous play The Bridge – which was originally commissioned for the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, which accompanied the Commonwealth Games, and subsequently toured Scotland and to the Nehru Centre London, in 2015.

‘…an autobiographical, poignant and beautiful account of lineage, identity and what makes home, home’.  EDINBURGH GUIDE 

‘…the toying of language from George is a masterclass in the spoken word…’  THE REVIEWS HUB

Read a little bit about the background to HOME IS NOT THE PLACE in A Bridge 2 Far? 

and the poem featured in it by her grandfather Kerala writer PM John (c.1934) 

To the Pen  (Thoolikayode) 


About the production ‘The Bridge’…

“…a rich and meditative piece of family history, full of insight into the complex relationship between Indian culture and the idea of modernity, as it played out in the 20th century….a powerful act of remembrance”  THE SCOTSMAN

“A poised and careful meditation on history, family, myth and literature…a finely wrought piece…there is a fierce, burning intelligence and integrity at the core of this show…” ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

Photos by www.lunaria.co.uk