By Annie George and Flore Gardner


‘…a testimony to the creativity, strength and resilience of every woman…liberating as a piece of storytelling work and achieves its aim of fighting back against silence and expressing that which cannot be said.’  THE SKINNY

TwaIn Twa, a contemporary tale is interwoven with a re-telling of the gruesome Greek myth of Philomela – based on the version in Ovid’s Metamorphoses – who is raped by her brother-in-law who cuts out her tongue so she cannot tell what happened to her, so she weaves her story into a cloth and with her sister seeks her grisly revenge on the rapist. Both stories are about women who have been silenced but who find other ways of saying things that cannot be said.

With dark poetic text, startling imagery, music and sound design, Twa is about duality, the ways in which identities are split and reclaimed, mirroring the lives and work of the two collaborators, as women, mothers and artists. It holds deep contemporary resonances to the continued struggle for women to be heard, assert ownership over their lives, language, narratives, by using the creative act as a form of resistance.

Annie says:

Despite being from different disciplines, Flore and I bonded, perhaps because we had both lived a bit, both pulled in many directions, both deeply immersed in our art, recognising that it was a form of resistance to the ways we are expected to behave in the world, as mothers, daughters, women. There’s a difference between ‘work’ and ‘art’, though these terms are used interchangeably in theatre today, which is more about the commodification of art, art as a product, something to sell. It’s something Flore and I talk about a lot. Art is about ideas, and we’ve tried to pour ours into our show in a way that works on different levels, accessible, dark but beautiful.

Next performances:

Women Playwrights International Conference, Montreal, Canada 19 June, online screening of filmed live performance

Edinburgh Fringe 4-28 Aug, as part of the Made in Scotland showcase., Summerhall Venue 26

‘…the pair join forces to reclaim their stories in a way that gives them power and strength enough to transform personal rites of passage into something greater…a brooding collage of absorbed wisdom across the ages.’  THE HERALD

‘George is a persuasive storyteller…just telling her tales, drawing us in…TWA is undoubtedly unusual: an ambitious, intelligent production that exerts a strange hold over its audience.’  BOUQUETS AND BRICKBATS

Flore Gardner’s website

Composer/Sound Design: Niroshini Thambar

Producer: Diljeet Kaur Bhachu

Executive Producer: Annie George

Director: Saffy Setohy (Stage)

Associate Director: Niloo-Far Khan

Technical Stage Manager/Sound Editing: Eve Allan

Director of Photography/Editor: Lorna Simpson

Second Camera: Glenda Rome

1st Assistant Director: Shilpa T-Hyland

Lighting Design: Maria MacDonald

Relighting: Roddy Simpson, Trent Kim

Lighting Operator: Charile Wallhead

Photo copyright: Lunaria Ltd