By Annie George and Flore Gardner

By Annie George and Flore Gardner

“Just because you can’t say something, doesn’t mean it can’t be said.”


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Annie George writes and performs in this collaboration with visual artist Flore Gardner, to unwind twa contrasting stories about women who are silenced and who discover other means of expression besides the voice to convey their truths.

Memoir, myth and magic realism, are woven together in a powerful blend of theatrical storytelling, and digital and live performance drawing.

In a journey between parallel worlds, guided by dark poetic text, startling imagery, music and sound design, Twa explores how the creative act can become an act of resistance.

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Composer/Sound Design: Niroshini Thambar
Director: Saffy Setohy
Visual Dramaturgy: Jan Bee Brown

Next performance will take place as part of the official programme of the Women Playwrights International Conference, Montreal, Canada 2022.

Twa first premiered at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh Fringe 2018, followed by performances at Macrobert Arts Centre Stirling as part of their International Women’s Day programme, as well as the Traverse and Assembly Roxy theatres in Edinburgh.

‘…the pair join forces to reclaim their stories in a way that gives them power and strength enough to transform personal rites of passage into something greater…a brooding collage of absorbed wisdom across the ages.’  The Herald

‘George is a persuasive storyteller…just telling her tales, drawing us in…TWA is undoubtedly unusual: an ambitious, intelligent production that exerts a strange hold over its audience.’  Bouquets and Brickbats

‘George’s script and performance are impressively strong, emotional, and not without moments of levity among heavy themes…a promising, unique, and truly artistic performance from two clearly creative female minds that tells an important story… George and Gardner are truly two artists to follow.’  Young Perspective

‘…a testimony to the creativity, strength and resilience of every woman…liberating as a piece of storytelling work and achieves its aim of fighting back against silence and expressing that which cannot be said.’  The Skinny

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